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Not only do we publish supplements for D&D but we also supply the core rulebooks for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. You can purchase the rulebooks at our Games Days, where you can try the rules, or if you want them now, feel free to order!

Greyscales Series - Easy-reference PDFs

The books includes monster blocks and powers in a ready-to-use form able to be slotted straight into your campaign. The series are easy-reference PDFs, mostly in greyscale, to save you printing costs. Features include enable cut&paste and license permissions for use in RPGA scenarios, and we're happy to provide permissions for other scenarios.

All our Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition titles require a copy of the relevant Dungeons & Dragons 4E core rulebooks.

A Drake Miscellany A Clan of Wretches
Greyscales Series - A Drake Miscellany A Drake Miscellany
Five new species of drakes, subspecies, numerous monster blocks plus drake related magic items make this miscellany a really useful resource for any Dungeon Master. From the small, but tough, Shelldrake to the Lizardrake Swarm to the eponymous Vermin Drake and its subspecies, this supplement brings a surprising punch to your encounters.
Greyscales Series - A Clan of Wretches A Clan of Wretches
The nomadic wretch peoples of the moors and wastes may be on the borders of civilisation, but that doesn't mean they can be ignored. We descibe the society and creatures of the bogwretch, moorwretch and stonewretch - primitive races who are surprisingly sophisticated.

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