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Absolutely. As with any games-orientated company we make a lot of friends over the table, on various forums or at conventions. Not only that, but any role-playing publication is a merge of many skills from a variety of people. Those we've listed here are helpful people and we think they're pretty good - for various reasons some are even in our quick-links on the menu.

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Drive Thru RPG (& RPGNow) UK Roleplayers
A RPG PDF/eBook online store, possibly the largest online. This link takes you to our store at DriveThruRPG where you can buy all our PDF products. It's sister site, RPGNow, also has our products as well (if you have an account there). PDF Editions from Drive Thru RPG
PDF Editions from RPG Now
In our opinion, the main point of contact for Roleplayers in the UK. Contacts, Conventions, comments - a good bunch. UK Roleplayers
Harsh Alex Drummond Mark Huffman Jason 'Banditt' Adams
An early key artist for us, initially for Exile where he gave us the definitive Wyrmkin and Vermin Drake. We think he's a wonderful and helpful draftsman. Harsh also gave us some interesting illustrations for Petty-Magick including a archetypal broo shaman, and a load of excellent duck for the Quester's Guide to Duck! He's now upped his game and is really out of our league, now, but he very kindly still does the occasional piece for us. Alex produced our cover for Arcane Dragons as well as some of the interior artwork. A really moody cover that matches our thoughts of a malevolent Dawn dragon very well. Alex is really helpful, too: we'd recommend working with him anytime. Mark gave us some nice studies for Petty-Magick including an excellent middle-eastern sorcerer and an interesting Hedge Wizard and Raven Familiar. He's caught what we wanted quite nicely. Banditt is one of our artists for Dryhaven, doing the print cover and also our Dungeon 150 Ad. A neat snaplizard and a tidy representation of a special room. On his site are some excellent drawings illustrating armour and soldiers from the Middle Ages, too. He's also done some really nice drawings for Hyperlite illustrating medieval and hi-tech armour.
Harsh, Artist Alex Drummond Mark Huffmans' Auralius Jason 'Banditt' Adam's site
Hyperlite artists and Facebook page
Miguel Santos Austin Pickrell Balpreet Lotay Matthew Vasey
Some lovely fine penwork for Hyperlite, including the prototypes for our aliens and the images for our hoplites and legionairres, as well as some Byzantine and hedge wizards for Petty-Magick. Great penmanship and a go-to guy for our interior illustrations and for alien designs. Recommended. Austin Pickrell (Demosthenesvoice) created the marvellous cover for Hyperlite: The Sirius Treaty with lotay. There's some promising stuff, here for this upcoming artist, and we hope to see more of his starscapes and planetscapes on our covers. Balpreet Lotay (Lotay) created the marvellous cover for Hyperlite: The Sirius Treaty with Demosthenesvoice. He's got some great starscapes and is well worth checking out. A new artist who produced some illustrations for an upcoming book. He's very responsive, timely and co-operative - useful information if you're a publisher looking for up-and-coming useful artists.
Miguel Santos, Pictish Scout - artist Austin Pickrell portfolio (Demosthenesvoice) Balpreet Lotay portfolio (lotay) Matthew Vasey/Digital Demiurge - artist

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