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Hyperlite: The Sirius Treaty

The Sirius Treaty, forged between the star-faring species to prevent a galaxy-wide war. It had a simple aim: to prevent the deadly, interstellar conflict spiraling out of control. Its intent was more sinister - to constrain and leash the newest species in the galaxy: humanity.

In Hyperlite, players take the role of UNE Special Forces legionnaires tasked with troubleshooting, exploring new planets, seeking out vital resources and searching for Precursor artefacts. They have all the technology Earth can give them: cranial implants, library jacks, subdermal armour... and they are equipped with the finest swords, shields, bows and armour that the UNE can supply!
Gamma Edition released at Indiecon 09. Full UNE Edition NOW AVAILABLE!
Hyperlite - The Sirius Treaty

Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Titles & Rulebooks

Our Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition compatible range is launched under the terms of the D&D 4e General System License.

In addition to our own titles, we are happy to supply any of the expanding range of D&D 4e products published by Wizards of the Coast, especially at one of our Open Games Days. If you don't see what you want, or would like to order something specifically for a games day, feel free to contact us with details.

All our Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition titles require a copy of the relevant Dungeons & Dragons 4E core rulebooks. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Compatibility Logo ™ & © Wizards of the Coast in the USA and other countries. Used with permission.
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