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Do have a look through the news below which summarises some of the shows and games days we ran and attended a few years back. Due to ongoing illness, we are not attending shows or having games days at the present. There is a wargames club nearby, the Boscombe Down & Amesbury Wargames Club.


Music in the Field, featuring Phoenix Brass 26th June 2010
Certainly not a game show, but a concert in aid of Help for Heroes and St Peter's Church, Shipton Bellinger (50% split). We're happy to help support this, and have created a basic ticket booking page - book the tickets via this page and they'll be sent to you or kept on the gate in your name.

It's held at the School Field, Shipton Bellinger, so is protected. The band will play a wide range of numbers, and you are expected to bring your own food and drink, and chairs, perhaps, or anything else. Parking is in the Village Centre opposite, and helpers will be on hand to guide you around. Certainly something to have fun at!

Ticket prices are 7.00 in advance, 8.00 at the gate, 6.00 if bought 10 at a time, with children under 16 only 1.00. The organisers strongly recommend children are accompanied.
  Music in the Field Ad
IndieCon 09 - Christchurch Friday 13th to Sun 15th November 2009
In its second year, Indiecon looks as if it's hotting up already. The number of traderes is growing, the con book is coming together with a fantastic range of articles and the diversity looks great. The site is open from Thursday 12th November (free gaming and bar open from 6:00 pm; keys from 3:00 pm) to 16th November (keys in at 10). It's at Hobourne Naish, Christchurch, Dorset again, the holiday park where the incomparable Conception is held.   IndieCon 09
Open Games Day  
On Saturday 25th July we're having an open games day. We'll have new-style board games (known as Eurogames) as well as a table of D&D 4th Edition with a specially-written introductory adventure. This time we'll have Board Game Extras on hand to show and demonstrate board games AND we've got the designer of a brand new board game on hand to guide us through his game.
We've done an interview with Castledown Radio (104.7) as well.

Once again, we are at:

The Shipton Sports & Social Club,
Salisbury Road
Shipton Bellinger,
Hants, SP9 7UW.

It's near Tidworth, if that helps, just about a mile north of the A303. Warning!! Sat-navs really struggle with this post code, as well as others in the village, and might take you to the local water pumping station. The club is situated opposite the junction from the Salisbury Road (the A338) into the village. Directions can be found here! It's in easy reach of Andover, Amesbury (and Stonehenge), Salisbury.

We'll be open from around 10am.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Games Day 25th July, 10 am, Shipton  Bellinger Sports and Social Club
World Wide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day # 2! WWDDGD 2
On Saturday 23rd May it's the second WWDDGD this year, this time to support the Monster Manual 2 (MM2). From 10am, Sceaptune Games is running a table or two at The Shipton Sports & Social Club, Salisbury Road, Shipton Bellinger, Hants.

(We've taken away the directions as they bulk out the page)
WWDDGD for Monster Manual 2
Saturday 23rd May 2009

We Look forward to seeing you there!
World Wide Dungeons & Dragons Games Day! WWDDGD 1
Yep. On Saturday 21st March it's the first WWDDGD this year for the 4th Edition Player's handbook 2 (PHB2). From 10am, Sceaptune Games is running a table or two at The Shipton Sports & Social Club, Salisbury Road, Shipton Bellinger, Hants.

(We've taken away the directions as they bulk out the page)
2008 Reflection  
Ok, 2008 was a slow year for us. That's due to a lot of reasons, not the least of which was a shift towards D&D 4th Edition and gaining the experience playing and running that smooth new system to make sure what we produce is as solid as it can be. We're now on track to produce a range 4e supplements, starting with our 'Greyscale' (or "Greysca4e") series and we're looking at a full supplement later in the year.
The other main reason is that we spent a lot of time trying to find a decent US printer and distribution, only to run into a lot of dead-ends. Some of the sample prints we were provided with in no way matched our UK printers (who we've recommended to other RPG companies). The various routes we tried all came to naught. Maybe we'll have to fall back to Lulu or Lightning Source, both of whom are tried and tested, if not ideal solutions for our publishing needs.
In the meantime, of you fancy play testing some of our D&D products, do get in touch!
May 2009 be a wonderful year to all our readers, despite the downturn!
Indie Press Revolution  
In order to help with our US sales, we've joined IPR - Indie Press Revolution - who specialise in small, independent publishers like us. As soon as our product page is up, we'll link to it on the main site, but for now find them here or under the logo to the right.
Currently, Exile is available, but other title swill be coming on-stream as and when they are printed in the US.
Indie Press Revolution
Continuum 2008 - Leicester Friday 1st-4th October 2008
We should be at Continuum 2008, the classic BRP / HeroQuest / RuneQuest / d100 bi-annual convention this year, at least for the first three days and nights (Friday-Sunday - we're skiving off the "hard-nosed" Monday to drive back south!).
To the right is the convention magazine advert. We'll publish more details as they come along.
Continuum 2008
IndieCon 8 - Christchurch - Friday 7th November - Mon. 10th Nov. 2008  
Though in its first year, this convention is intended for small and independent TTRPG publishers, like ourselves. It's a mix of demonstrations, full games - both Indie and mainstream - and vendors stalls. We'll be announcing more information as it comes, but it promises to be a great shout.
The website is under the logo to the right.
  IndieCon 8
Conception 08 - Christchurch - 30/1/08 - 3/2/08  
We will be at Conception '08 down in Christchurch, hopefully running some RQ games and definitely some trollball. We'll try to be as flexible as possible... Conception 2008
Furnace 2007 - Sheffield  
A "small but perfectly formed" convention with lots of BRP, RQ, HQ and other systems as well run by dedicated fans for, well, RPG fans. We have a stall and will be running loads of games over the weekend. Our planned schedule is up on this site but it could change - book your tickets for Furnace as soon as you can. Furnace 2007
Dungeon 150  
We've also got an advert in Dungeon 150 - hopefully you'll see it before Gencon. If not, I'm sure we'll have copies on the stand of this, the last issue of an excellent pair of magazines that we think did loads for the hobby. Dungeon 150 Advert
GenCon 07 - Reading - 30th August-2nd September  
We're going to Gencon '07 in the UK in Reading. We'll be running a few games and hope also to be showing our latest book in the final stages of production - The Quester's Guide to Duck.

We ran four, two in the Lost Isles and two other introductory games as players came back for more. It was wonderful meeting everybody and look forward to seeing everyone we had a chat with at future conventions or even at other times!

Gencon 2007 UK Link

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