Hyperlite: The Sirius Treaty

Hyperlite: The Sirius Treaty
STG101 - UNE Edition Available in paperback only whilst stocks last - few copies available

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Only whilst stocks last! Hyperlite: The Sirius Treaty, UNE Ed. ISBN 978-1-906130-16-9 Paperback, 144pp 18.00/$27.00/24.00

The Sirius Treaty, forged between the star-faring species to prevent a galaxy-wide war. It had a simple aim: to prevent the deadly, interstellar conflict spiraling out of control. Its intent was more sinister - to constrain and leash the newest species in the galaxy: humanity.

But the United Nations of Earth and the Core Worlds of humanity need to expand, need to find new planets to colonise. Resources remain scarce so the conflict still goes on, though in a different guise and monitoried by the ever-vigilant Invigilators, the sinister force set up to enforce the tenets of the Sirius Treaty.

In Hyperlite:The Sirius Treaty, players take the role of UNE Special Forces legionnaires tasked with troubleshooting, exploring new planets, seeking out vital resources and searching for Precursor artefacts. They have all the technology Earth can give them: cranial implants, library jacks, subdermal armour... and they are equipped with the finest swords, shields, bows and armour that the UNE can supply.

Hyperlite: The Sirius Treaty - Science Fiction Roleplaying in a very different future


This complete rulebook based on the 2d6 SF OGL contains everything you need for science-fiction Roleplaying Games under the constraints of the Sirius Treaty:

  • Background to the universe of the Sirius Treaty;
  • Tailor-made Character Generation ;
  • Details of the alien species encountered, including background and statistics;
  • Details of the Invigilators, the sinister and far-too-zealous enforcers of the Sirius Treaty
  • Complete, tailored skill rules to support the primitive nature of Sirius Treaty encounters;
  • Complete, modified combat rules to support the mixed, low- and high- tech nature of Hyperlite melee and combat;
  • New equipment lists, including weapons from ancient times to the Star Marines of the United Nations of Earth, and including the cybered upgrades of the Special Forces legionnaires;
  • Hyperlite-specific world and alien generation rules and guidelines;
  • Campaign and scenario guidelines;
  • A sample scenario;
  • Sample character sheet to photocopy


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