Submission Guidelines

We occasionally accept or invite submissions for our various RPG lines. Whether or not we can currently do so is indicated below. Before submitting anything, read this page and our guidelines and disclosure agreement. At the bottom of this page are the current Open Calls.

We can accept material from writers with any level of experience, providing it is nicely structured, readable and matches our style and needs. We can also accept unsolicited submissions, but please make sure you include a summary of your idea and that you contact us beforehand if what you are submitting is over 5,000 words. Similarly, artists wishing to illustrate for us are also welcome to get in touch.

Status: We are currently Unable to accept submissions.

If you are submitting material for our lines, please make sure you are familiar with our products and approach. Please also make sure that you have the relevant gaming experience - our products are written by experienced Games Masters for all levels of Games Masters and Players, so experience running the system is vital. Our rates are variable, depending on both your writing/graphics experience and quality and, frankly, the expected income from the product. We generally purchase exclusive gaming-related rights and pay within 30 days of publication BUT also ensure there is a reversion clause so that if we do not publish your material within a reasonable period of time, rights revert to the author.

Submission Guidelines

Get Adobe Reader Before submitting written material please read our Submission Guidelines (820K). Before submitting any material please also download, print, sign, scan and return our Confidential Disclosure Agreement (40K), without which we cannot even open your submission. These are in PDF format, so you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader if you have not got it already.

Important Note: We cannot accept submissions without a signed disclosure agreement. Any writer who submits material to us or who makes suggestions must be aware that similar ideas are popping up all over the industry, all the time. We have loads already! Be reassured that we do not 'steal' ideas, but must protect ourselves against those who might think otherwise or who are overly protective of ideas they believe are theirs.

Current Open Calls

Our Open Call descriptions may contain spoilers, so if you have not played the scenarios yet, beware! If answering an Open Call, please indicate which one your submission addresses.

Status: We currently have NO Open Calls

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